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ClarityIFR is the realisation of Data Clarity’s experience working with the world’s largest airline service provider.

Reshaping the Aviation Experience.

A Fresh Perspective

Our mission for airlines is to meet the evolving needs of today’s passengers. Through our deep dive into customer data, we identify preferences and behaviours to create personalised offerings that align with their expectations.

360 Retail Capabilities

Our holistic approach, covering pre-ordering, buy-on-board services, integration, and supply chain management, ensures a seamless connection from the warehouse to the passenger’s seat.

Established Excellence

Dedicated to helping airlines thrive as exceptional retailers, our technology has proven its effectiveness. Upon implementation, we predict a significant annual increase of £22 million in inflight sales for a single airline.

Right Product, Right Flight, Right Passenger.


Drawers packed per day of items predicted through data processing.


Flights per day

We apply data processing to forecast stock trends and maximise profitability, prioritising flights based on expected sales to boost conversion rates and streamline inventory management, overcoming the common challenge of airlines achieving only a 15% conversion rate.

ClarityIFR, Your Partner in Exceptional Inflight Retail.

Revenue Acceleration & Passenger Experience  

Create unique experiences to drive ancillary revenues. Secure what your passengers desire with pre-ordering confidence, and the convenience of in-seat buy-on-board options.  

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Smarter, Faster Decisions  

Access real-time sales, inventory, and passenger data for swift decisions. Analyse purchasing patterns and historical data to predict trends, minimising overstock or stockout risks.  

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Efficient Resource Utilisation  

Fly based on expected sales. Real-time demand visibility minimises overstock, cuts storage costs, and prevents losses from perishable items, lowering operational costs to improve profitability.  

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Increase Reconciliation & Crew Commission  

Improve accuracy and prevent revenue leakage through minimising wastage. Boost inflight sales and passenger satisfaction by actively engaging the crew in promoting retail offerings expected to sell.  

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Introducing Dynamic Retail AI

AI-driven technology continuously learning from consumer behaviour, enabling airlines to reshape their retailing and customer strategies. Unlock additional revenue opportunities and transform insights into repeatable, scalable operations, tailoring customer expectations and satisfying the digital-savvy traveller.

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We help leading airlines and their managed agents reshape inflight experiences through end-to-end solutions.

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