End-to-End Stock Management for Airlines

End-to-End Stock Management for Airlines

ClarityIFR is a Data Clarity brand and the preferred system integration partner for aviation, revolutionising the industry with a complete, end-to-end stock management solution, helping airlines to work smarter by improving understanding of their business. 

As experts in the aviation and retail industries, we specialise in supporting airlines to drive ancillary revenue. We understand the challenges that airlines are facing; with low profit margins of high revenues, high fuel costs, and a universally outdated approach to inflight retail. 

ClarityIFR solutions support airlines in reducing fuel consumption and increasing onboard sales. 

Our Dynamic Bar product for aviation is spearheading an industry-wide revolution for onboard retail, helping airlines to drive ancillary revenue by increasing onboard sales and reducing fuel consumption.  

Using advanced AI and machine learning technology, the Dynamic Bar predicts the quantities of each product that will sell on each leg of each flight so that airlines can tailor their barsets for maximum sales.  

By only stocking flights with the food, drinks, and products that sell, we’re helping airlines to significantly reduce their fuel consumption by eliminating carrying costs for non-selling items. This also supports the airline’s wider ESG goals and the potential for CO2 offsetting, a significant and growing challenge for the industry. 

Additionally, stocking the correct items on each flight frees up an additional 20% of trolley space which can be maximised by: 

  1. Driving pre-order campaigns before flights to stock with purchased items, creating an endless aisle. 
  1. Marketing this extra cart space as an exclusive upselling opportunity for brands to purchase. 
  1. Harnessing the power of AI to recommend even more top-selling products based on flight and customer data. 

Not only are we accelerating inflight retail strategies for airlines, we also provide end-to-end stock management.  

oWMS (our dedicated warehouse management system) is used by operations teams to master and manage stock across bonded locations, supporting all manifest movements and walk routines.  

Automated processing supports the uplift replenishment and invoicing cycles and understands company data to provide comprehensive stock forecasting or demand management.  

This information is then used by the Dynamic Bar system to determine barsets according to flight and customer details using powerful AI and machine learning trend recognition techniques. 

But our solutions don’t stop there.  

We then manage the packing and transportation of all barset products, providing warehouse and logistics teams with dedicated applications to record the packing of orders, sealing of barsets, and track all movements throughout the last mile. Providing complete visibility of stock across the business. 

All instances of product management are handled within our application, including item substitution, succession, ullage, and re-warehousing.  

ClarityIFR solutions even manage stock reconciliation; from the recording of returned barsets to bonded locations and the replenishment of stock upon return to begin the full product cycle again. 

To support every aspect of airline product management, our system for managing crew commissions on inflight product sales can also be added to the end-to-end ClarityIFR stock management system.  

By working as an extension of our clients’ teams, we commit to understanding each airline’s individual processes and requirements in order to tailor our systems accordingly, maximising project efficiency and results. 

We are the data experts, helping leading brands to work smarter, driving sales, improving efficiency, and delivering meaningful customer experiences. Chat to one of our team to discuss how easy it is to become a more agile business starting today.