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ClarityIFR is the realisation of Data Clarity’s experience working with the world’s largest airline service provider.

In partnership with dnata, a key player in the global aviation industry, we proudly serve a multitude of world-renowned airlines. As the premier provider of inflight services, dnata offers an extensive range of inflight catering, onboard retail and logistics solutions, seamlessly delivered across major and regional airports throughout the UK.


Impactful Results

Our collaborative efforts with dnata have yielded impressive outcomes:

  • Production of 40,000 barsets daily in Europe.
  • Handling of 125,000 drawers daily.


Objectives Achieved

Facing the need to centralise Warehouse Management System (WMS) reporting and enhance accessibility for all users, dnata sought a comprehensive system to address:

  • Warehouse and Airport Management
  • Stock Mastering
  • Stock Ordering
  • Stock Movements
  • Sales Ordering
  • Nominal Accounting

The Comprehensive Solution

dnata has successfully implemented several of our cutting-edge solutions, including the Omnivue Warehouse Management System (oWMS). This fully integrated system provides real-time control over logistics and stock.

dnata has embraced additional products from our suite, such as ClarityQB for data visualisation and business intelligence, and ClarityNexus.io for seamless data integration.

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