Navigating Data Challenges with Passion

We are committed to solving the data challenges faced by our customers while actively contributing to the future of the planet.

With a focus on Data-Driven Efficiency and Net Zero goals, we passionately assist global airlines in creating personalised digital journeys. Our innovative tools enhance operational efficiency, contribute to net-zero emissions, and empower airlines of all sizes, maximising revenues for a world-class passenger experience. We believe in a future where sustainability and technology converge.

Say Goodbye to Generic Retail

In a customer-driven world, how can technology make flying more personal? Dynamic Retail AI analyses customer behaviour, allowing airlines to adapt retail and customer strategies to meet expectations, unlocking revenue opportunities and creating scalable, tailored operations for the digital savvy traveller.

How Dynamic Retail AI can help Airlines

Right Offer for Every Passenger

Optimise your retail strategy by delivering the right product with the right flight and passenger.

Customer Affinity

Form a tight bond with your passenger. Increase customer value and strengthen satisfaction.


Historically, airlines faced low conversion rates around 15%. Boost conversion rates by tailoring offerings and experiences.

Increase Revenue

Increase ancillary revenues and margin opportunities for airlines.

Seamless Integration

Integrate into existing operations, creating a cohesive and efficient system that enhances overall performance.

Manage Costs

Cut significant costs through intelligence automation.

Built on Proven Foundations in Retail

ClarityIFR, created by Data Clarity Ltd, a global leader in software and data services, is the result of our extensive collaboration with dnata. As Data Clarity, our team is proud of what we’ve built; by listening to our customers and drawing inspiration from our successful implementations for global retailers.

The result of ClarityIFR, significantly enhances production and inventory management by integrating data for informed decision-making, resulting in substantial reductions in overstock and stockouts. This success underscores our commitment to proven foundations, delivering impactful solutions for enhanced business performance and revenue growth.

Onboard Retail Logistics

Ensuring supply chain efficiency with order tracking and tracing for real-time insights. Integrated Warehouse Management provides access to critical stock information. An advanced accounting system manages all related documents, invoices, and shipment paperwork. Integrated logistics management ensures a well-coordinated supply chain, optimising business performance.

Predict, Pack, Profit

By leveraging historical flight sales data, our predictive approach delivers a 30% reduction in wastage compared to manual planning. This enables us to optimise loadings per sector, ensuring a more resource-efficient and cost-effective operation. Our advanced data processing for onboard logistics empowers crews to pack predicted sell-through items, thereby maximising profit potential.

Insightful Sales Analysis 

Our commitment to data-driven decisions is clear in our thorough sales data analysis powered by an advanced analytic suite. This platform enables in-depth examination, revealing valuable insights into sales trends. Reconciliation on a per-flight basis ensures a comprehensive view across sales, cash transactions, and stock levels, fostering transparency in financial and inventory management. Empowering businesses to make informed decisions, optimise resources, and enhance overall operational efficiency, setting a new standard for precision in sales analysis.

Sales Solutions for Seamless Transactions

Our Point of Sale (POS) system guarantees secure and smooth transactions, while the integrated Payment Gateway enhances the overall purchasing experience. Additionally, our Preorder system enables passengers to plan ahead, optimising inventory management and enhancing customer satisfaction. These sales solutions form an efficient system that caters to diverse passenger needs, contributing significantly to the overall success of onboard retail ventures.

Fast, Secure and Cost-Effective End-to-End Solution

Warehouse (oWMS)

A fully integrated warehouse management system ensuring real-time control of logistics and stock.

Back-office Retail (oBAR)

Centralised management and promotion of product through to mPOS by route, period and trend including offers, promotions and item substitution in response to events.

Inbound/Outbound Packing (oRIO)

Direct packing of stock and product range for flight, packed into a tailored barset for delivery to passenger.

Buy-on-Board (POS)

Purchases onboard are made through trolley service. Transactions will be uploaded to the payment gateway.

Dynamic Retail AI

AI-driven technology to analyse customer behaviour and purchasing patterns. Transforming insights into repeatable, scalable operations.


Advanced data analytics for precise passenger preferences, cutting inventory costs, optimising fuel efficiency and enhancing the passenger experience through ecommerce platforms.

Payment Processing

Processing transaction payments. Card details are stored in encrypted NovelPay database on device.

Security, Privacy & Control

Security has been an integral part of our foundation from the outset. We consistently assess our regulatory compliance through dedicated teams, ensuring the safe collection and storage of data. We prioritise data security, privacy, and control, acknowledging their paramount importance for any organisation.

Proudly recognised as an ISO 27001 accredited company on a global scale, our commitment to maintaining this certification underscores our dedication to delivering world-class data management, visualisation, and analytics technology.

By adhering to effective security controls and focusing on Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability, we not only mitigate errors and costs but also bolster business profitability. Our pursuit of operational excellence is manifested in our ISO 27001 certification, reflecting a steadfast commitment to safeguarding data, ensuring privacy, and maintaining control throughout every facet.

Our Design Goals

We aspire to redefine and elevate the inflight retail landscape, providing an innovative, secure and flexible experience.


Providing a seamless customer and crew experience across our end-to-end platform.


Custom solutions aligned to suit business requirements, offering a flexible approach to meet clients’ unique needs.


Achieving and maintaining ISO 27001 accreditation to ensure the highest security standards.


Data management strategies that are tailored to unique business context, optimising data handling for efficiency and effectiveness.


Specialised skills in data management, solution design and implementation.

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