How The Dynamic Bar Is Boosting Inflight Sales And Cutting Airline Fuel Costs 

The Dynamic Bar: A Game-Changer For Onboard Retail

At ClarityIFR, we champion a load less sell more philosophy for the airline industry in order to drive ancillary revenue and reduce fuel consumption for our clients. 

By adopting intelligent inventory optimisation strategies, using solutions like The Dynamic Bar, airlines can aim to double or even triple their net profit per passenger. This approach not only boosts profitability but also achieves substantial cost savings by reducing unnecessary stock intake. 

The Dynamic Bar

The key principle of load less sell more is straightforward: only carry what you expect to sell.  

But what if the problem lies in not knowing which products will sell? The Dynamic Bar is a revolutionary system that uses AI and machine learning technology to accurately forecast the exact products that will sell on each flight.  

Airlines can save crew members the hassle of managing unsold inventory, allowing them to focus on delivering a tailored passenger experience. This approach not only reduces fuel consumption from carrying unsold goods but also increases overall efficiency across the board. 

Airline hostess loading barset

Adopting an AI-centric approach allows airlines to proactively identify opportunities for enhancing the customer journey. AI-driven predictive analytics enables better inventory management by accurately forecasting sales and understanding passenger demographics. 

This results in tailored onboard offerings, increasing the likelihood of inflight sales. The global adoption of AI in aviation is expected to rise significantly, from $152.4 million in 2018 to over $2 billion by 2025, driving sustainability and efficiency in the industry. 

The Dynamic Bar also has a brand-new feature dedicated specifically to preventing the waste of sandwiches. It’s no secret that this short-shelf-life product is a significant problem for airlines. Our system is able to profile the sandwiches that have sold on each leg of each flight to determine exactly which items to stock in barsets to minimise wastage and save on inventory costs. 

Data Integration

At the heart of understanding customer needs and behaviour, is data. And data integration is crucial for airlines wanting to use it effectively.  

By using expert data integration solutions and consolidating data from various sources, airlines can gain a comprehensive view of their operations; this integrated perspective allows for optimised flight routes, reduced excess inventory, enhanced fuel efficiency, and improved overall sustainability. 

Mastering customer expectations through improved communication and personalised marketing strategies enables efficient problem-solving and greater convenience. Automated data integration streamlines processes, reduces human error, and lowers costs.  

Airline Barsets

Having access to consolidated data on flight routes, consumer trends, and purchasing behaviour facilitates the use of solutions such as The Dynamic Bar to use AI and machine learning to generate actionable business insights. 

At ClarityIFR, we’re already working with leading airlines and managed agents like easyJet and dnata to make significant improvements to operational efficiency, onboard sales, and sustainability.  

We are spearheading a revolutionary industry change through intelligent inventory management, AI-driven analytics, and comprehensive data integration so that airlines can drastically improve their profitability, efficiency, and customer experience.  

So what next? The World Travel Catering & Onboard Services Expo is the ideal place to learn more about how these systems work and how easy it is to get started. Our ClarityIFR data experts will be there so book a meeting with them to discuss how The Dynamic Bar can optimise your onboard retail strategies.