360 Transformation in Retail Technology
Our Purpose

Reshaping the Aviation Experience

Reshaping the aviation experience at our core, we are driven by the belief that we can redefine the aviation journey. Our mission is to deliver a world-class passenger experience, seamlessly orchestrated from pre-order to point-of-delivery. This commitment is fortified by a fully integrated and responsive supply chain, ensuring excellence at every step.

We stand as dedicated partners to leading airlines worldwide, empowering them to craft bespoke digital journeys for their passengers. Beyond aviation, we lend our expertise to industries grappling with data complexities, operational errors, and excessive wastage. By enabling businesses to take informed action with their data, we aim to minimise waste and maximise revenue, ultimately contributing to increased profitability.

Our solutions are meticulously designed to meet the intricate requirements of today’s passengers, creating a transformative experience that aligns with evolving expectations.

Our Story

Embodied Experience, Powered by Data

ClarityIFR, created by Data Clarity Limited, is the result of our extensive collaboration with the world’s largest air service provider, dnata. Rooted in Data Clarity’s ongoing commitment to its growing userbase in the aviation industry, ClarityIFR signifies the dedication of extracting real value out of the passenger engagement driven from the data created.

Our Vision

Transforming Airlines in Becoming Great Retailers

We envision a future where airlines transform to become exceptional retailers. Drawing inspiration from our successful implementations for retailers, we advocate for a retailing approach that enhances the entire journey experience.

Strategically sourcing, developing and managing the supply of food/beverages and duty-free items for airlines. ClarityIFR unlocks valuable insights into customer buying behaviours, meeting demand with precision.

By ensuring the right product is available at the right time, and through the right channel, we aim to generate additional revenue and reduce costs for airlines. Our vision is to empower airlines to deliver more relevant and personalised experiences, creating a significant impact on customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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