Why Customer Data Is Key To Driving Ancillary Sales 

ClarityIFR - Why Customer Data is Key to Driving Ancillary Sales

For inflight retail strategies to be successful in driving ancillary revenue, airlines must do more than simply deliver passengers to their destinations safely.  

It’s time for aviation to evolve from the traditional flight-centric approach and adopt data-driven customer-centric strategies, leveraging deep insights into passenger behaviours and product preferences to drive ancillary revenue growth.  

Many airlines make the mistake of not utilising the data they already have to unlock this information and make a successful transition from flight-focus to customer-focus. 

At ClarityIFR (a Data Clarity brand), we champion understanding the true customer as being essential to organisational success. Our innovative 360° solution revolutionises onboard retail management by providing airlines with incredibly accurate forecasting and actionable insights.  

Customer-Centricity Through Data Insights 

Traditional airline models often rely on generic sales strategies that fail to resonate with individual passengers. ClarityIFR empowers airlines to move beyond one-size-fits-all approaches and instead leverage comprehensive customer insights.  

By analysing past purchase behaviours, preferences, and demographics, airlines can tailor their marketing efforts to truly meet the unique needs of each individual passenger.

And the best part? Airlines actually have this valuable data already, it simply needs to be harnessed and transformed using the correct data management software. 

Complete Onboard Retail System 

ClarityIFR is more than just a software solution; it’s a comprehensive inflight retail system designed to streamline every aspect of the retail experience.  

From warehouse to seat stock management, our platform ensures airlines have full visibility and control over their inventory throughout the entire supply chain.

This not only minimises product waste, carrying costs, and maximises efficiency but also enhances the passenger experience by ensuring the correct products are available throughout the durations of every flight.

Predictive Sales Forecasting 

Anticipating passenger demand is key to maximising inflight retail revenue. ClarityIFR leverages advanced analytics and machine learning algorithms to provide airlines with accurate predictive sales forecasts.  

By understanding which products are likely to appeal to passengers according to each flight, airlines can tailor their bar set inventory and pricing strategies to ensure maximum profitability as well as reducing fuel consumption and supporting ESG targets by not transporting slow and non-moving products over multiple journeys. 

Enhanced Sales Channels 

Passengers expect a seamless shopping experience; whether they’re browsing products online before a flight or making purchases directly from their seats. ClarityIFR enables airlines to meet these expectations by offering highly-effective and user-friendly pre-order and buy-at-seat software.  

Airlines can also create new sales channels and drive ancillary revenue opportunities through mobile technology and in-flight entertainment systems, angling every customer touchpoint to encourage upselling and impulse purchasing. 

This shift from flight-centricity to customer-centricity is essential for airlines looking to become more agile and maximise ancillary revenue generation in an industry of high revenues and low profit margins. 

By harnessing the power of true customer insight through solutions like ClarityIFR, airlines can unlock new revenue streams, enhance the passenger experience, and develop successful onboard retail strategies.

But don’t just take our word for it, find out how leading airlines are already benefiting from ClarityIFR expertise.

Talk to us today to learn more about how we can harness customer data to drive ancillary revenue and improve the customer experience.